It all started in 1795…

The History of Hudig & Veder dates back to 1795, when Mr Jan Hudig and his brother-in-law Mr Blokhuyzen founded Hudig & Blokhuyzen. The company served originally as a liner agent, but by 1829 was in possession of ships of its own. Mr Jan Hudig was well-connected internationally, as is seen by his 1818 appointment to be Lloyd’s agent in Rotterdam. John Hudig & Son still holds this agency, but is since 1993 no longer related to Hudig & Veder.

To strengthen its base further, Hudig & Blokhuyzen joined forces with Mr J.R. Veder in 1857. Mr Blokhuyzen had in the meantime retired.

Starting in 1903 the firm traded under the name of Hudig & Veder. Hudig & Veder grew in proficiency in the new century and pursued a wide range of activities, including ship owing and agency, forwarding, travel and chartering and warehousing.

In the early days of Hudig & Veder B.V., P&I and claims matters were handled by the manager of the captains room, however, about 50 years ago the demand for highly professional and dedicated claims handlers/correspondents became apparent.

Consequently within the firm a dedicated department was formed. After having operated as a department within Hudig & Veder B.V. for many years the emphasis of the business of Hudig & Veder lay more and more on the forwarding/warehousing and distribution side and less on being a ship-owner and ship-agent.

Henk Jan Mulder who had been manager of the P&I department reached an agreement with the management for a buy out of the P&I activities. Although Hudig & Veder is not financially involved in the P&I activities since October 2001, the well established name of Hudig & Veder was kept when the new company was incorporated.

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